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Our Story


Mariøn* Hats' career is firmly planted in the world of Fashion and Design since leaving University (English Philology). She completed her studies in Industrial Pattern making and Grading  in Barcelona.


Mariøn*'s professional experience  and background has developed since then as a Pattern Maker and as Quality Control Technician in international firms in Spain and Norway.

Mariøn* Hats has two passions. Her greatest passion is Millinery. She has taken part in the Millinery workshop in Central Saint Martins, London. She has a large array of hats, headbands and fascinators. Mariøn* Hats  has a unique collection of headwear and also creates bespoke and unique hats and fascinators upon on request.

Her second passion is Jewellery and Accessories. She has her own collection of jewellery and accessories and also creates custom designs upon on request.

She was born in Barcelona and lived in Mallorca, India and Oslo. Now she is back to  Barcelona until the next  inspiring trip comes.

  Our Vision


Every design blends different ideas, concepts, inspirations, fabrics, cultures, moments...


The designs have the curious mixture of the North and the South. Of the light and the dark.  Of colors and the absence of them. Of the Mediterranean essence and style together with the nordic spirit.


Mariøn*Hats is spreading its wings for the first time in Oslo. Its inspiration came from the  Mediterranean, Barcelona and Mallorca, some Nordic details aquired after 3 years in Norway and now the Indian experience has added to the designs.


Barcelona, Mallorca & Europa:

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Just Sant Elm (Sant Elm, Mallorca)

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Barreja de Nord i Sud, Llum i Foscor, Colors i l'absencia d'ells.

 Barreja de l'Essencia i Estil  de la  Mediterranea juntament amb l'esperit Nòrdic 

  Oslo - Barcelona - Mallorca - India






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